Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day Zero: PuPriPoePro

An MFA student without a summer job, and left to her own devices during warmer months, may find herself listless. As in, both "lacking energy," and "without lists." I made up that second definition, but I'm taking semantic liberties. Where did all that poetic enthusiasm go? And what am I supposed to do with myself when nobody's waving homework assignments over my weekends' heads?

The Pulitzer Prize Poetry Project (a.k.a. PuPriPoePro; a.k.a. 4P) is my solution to the academic lull that is summer vacation. Inspired by a professor, I've decided to undertake the task of reading as many Pulitzer Prize-winning poets as I can until September. Thanks to the wikipedia entry on this very subject, I'm going down the list chronologically, beginning with the Collected Poems of Mr. Edwin Arlington Robinson. In all honesty, I doubt I'll read them all, but I'll read until I get a sense of something just beyond sense. Or until I get bored with him. Though I intend to give his poems a fair shake.

My goal is to update the blog every few days with as un-boring-as-possible impressions of the poet, the poems, and maybe even a link or two. Yeah...I like that idea. So: Wish me luck!

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